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Oct 10, 2023

Top tips for finding golf carts for sale

Finding a new or used golf cart for sale near you can be challenging. Here are our top tips for finding the perfect golf cart.

Often times, our clients come to us frustrated with trying to source golf carts in Mexico and Cabo. Did you know golf carts are considered a ‘luxury good’ which can make them more difficult to find? Here are solutions to the top challenges our clients have when looking for a golf cart.

Buy a golf cart near you

While it might look less expensive to purchase a golf cart in the United States, when you account for shipping, importation fees, VAT (Mexican sales tax), and a luxury goods tax. Local vendors are often able to match or beat US pricing when these ‘hidden fees’ are considered. However, if you have your heart set on a cart from out of country, Hardy Carts & Equipment is specialized in importation of golf carts. Most often, we import custom golf carts and refurbished golf carts for our clients.

How to find golf carts for sale with short lead-times

The luxury market is hot right now, and golf carts are no exception. With the rise in holiday homes, vacations, and Air-bnb style stays – golf carts are a hot commodity! With this, many clients often come to us frustrated with long lead times of 6 months or greater (or worse, being told they have a 6 month wait only to find out its a year or more!) When inquiring about buying a golf cart, here are some questions to ask:

  • How often do you receive shipments of materials/carts?
  • When is your next golf cart shipment with availability?
  • How often do you see delays in shipping?
  • Once the cart arrives, how long will it take to go through customs/importation?
  • How long will it take for the cart to be built once it arrives?

These questions can help save you a lot of trouble in ordering your golf cart.

How to find used golf carts near you

Since new golf cart sales are busier than ever, more and more used carts are becoming available. The challenge in Mexico is finding them, as many times, finding used golf carts requires word-of-mouth. One of your best bets is to contact a company that sells NEW carts! Why? Many times their clients are upgrading their cart upon purchase, and are looking for someone to buy their used golf carts. We help connect our clients with those interested in buying used golf carts here in Mexico.

Get connected with a reputable golf cart distributor

At Hardy Carts & Equipment, we are the exclusive distributor for Evolution Golf Carts. Fast, fun, and with many superior features to other makes – Evolution golf carts are a popular choice! Learn about what golf carts we have for sale here.

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